So, yes, I don’t just do nature. (Despite the name of this blog. And pretty much everything else on it. Ignore it… temporarily? Please?)

Sometimes I do people. They’re a lot harder than birds, let me tell you: though there isn’t the danger of them running away, people are, quite frankly, for the most part… boring. There’s no thrill in finding them (look around you; I bet there’s one right there); there’s no satisfaction in – wow! – you got a picture of it. Wonderful. Congratulations! You have seen one of seven billion individuals on the planet of the species Homo sapiens. A rare accomplishment, indeed.

But on the insistence of Topaz Winters, I yielded for one afternoon in order to hold… a photo shoot, that rare and most dreaded of things. (Seriously, when on earth will a bird or butterfly ever willingly surrender to position themselves for you?!)

It was an… interesting experience. But it was made easier by the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the person behind the blog (which is *cough cough hint hint* absolutely amazing and beautiful) Six Impossible Things is not actually a person. She’s a kitten, pterodactyl, and puppy alternately, or sometimes all at once. (It depends on which fictional character(s) you mention.) This made things a lot easier for me: animals, I can deal with. And so, like most animals, I tracked her to green places across Singapore (or at least in a half-kilometer walkable radius, because despite Singapore’s tininess, it is not walkable within an hour’s space of time). And took photographs. That much, I believe I am capable of.

IMG_0132She ended up selecting two to use on her blog – the one at the top for her sidebar and the one above for her about page. I’m putting a couple of my other favorites from the shoot in a gallery below – please do go and pet the dragons over at her blog. I promise they don’t bite.

9 thoughts on “Portraiture”

  1. “She’s a kitten, pterodactyl, and puppy alternately, or sometimes all at once.”

    In my defence, fictional characters make me feel all the feelings.

    (Also: the dragons say thank you for the lovely words on 6IS.)

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