Last Legs: Gap Year Week 36

The immigration officer is polite and apologetic but what he’s asking doesn’t change. “Please, miss, I’m going to have to ask you to disembark.” Continue reading “Last Legs: Gap Year Week 36”

Time and Tourism: Gap Year Week 35

The coastal road takes us south past the cliffs of Dalmatia. The sea peels away from us in deepest blue as our bus rounds mountains creeping higher and higher. Continue reading “Time and Tourism: Gap Year Week 35”

Exciting Stuff

Travel Photographer of the Year is a competition “by photographers, for photographers”, which aims to showcase the work of amateur, semi-professional, and professional photographers from around the world. It aspires to “show that travel photography is much, much more than holiday snaps and pretty postcards”.

I don’t know how to put this without dissolving into squeals: a few weeks ago I found out I’m one of seven finalists in their Young TPOTY division.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the images until final judging is over in mid-December, but I can show you this snazzy badge.


But honestly? I’m so, so honored to be counted amongst these amazingly talented photographers. Seriously. Check out their website. To say I did not expect any of this is a severe understatement.

Final results will be announced mid-December, so make sure to keep your eye out then!