Returns, Possibilities, and Fourth-Graders: Gap Year Week 21

Last week, I came back to Singapore after three weeks in Sri Lanka. Continue reading “Returns, Possibilities, and Fourth-Graders: Gap Year Week 21”

Oceans of the Mind: Gap Year Week 20

I first encountered Robert MacFarlane in the mountains. To be fair, I saw his The Old Ways first in a labyrinthine London bookstore, and began reading it outside a tiny Singapore salon. But words mean different things in different places and so my first real encounter with Robert MacFarlane was three years ago, perched on the porch of a small Italian inn miles from civilization, waiting for the sunset to edge the Dolomites into shadows. Continue reading “Oceans of the Mind: Gap Year Week 20”

Diving Deep: Gap Year Week 19

I’m not in Singapore anymore. Two weeks ago, I said good-bye to my parents at the airportand left for Sri Lanka. I will admit a certain lack of novelty in the destination: this is my second time in the country this gap year, after a weeklong family holiday back in June. Continue reading “Diving Deep: Gap Year Week 19”

The Morning Forest: Gap Year Week 2

I am now two weeks and three countries into my gap year. The last eight days were spent in Sri Lanka, where my extended family—aged three moths to 77 years—gathered for a holiday. Over the trip, we circumnavigated by the country by bus, boat, and seaplane, from the coast to the hills. I took over 1800 photographs, saw 101 bird species, including 15 endemics, and ate far more than I’d like to number.

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