Love Among the Ducks

spot-billedducksSummer at the lake is rippled quiet.

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Purple Rising


A Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) perches on a tree at a reservoir in Bangalore, Karnataka, watched over by apartment buildings. Despite there being no rivers in the city, lakes are plentiful in what is now supposed to be known as Bengaluru. Most were constructed through dams in the sixteenth century, but now are homes for a multitude of flora and fauna – including the above bird. Modernization, however, is taking its toll, with only 17 healthy lakes remaining out of the 51 recorded in 1985.

Painted View

Two views of a Painted Stork that I saw on our last morning in Bangalore this winter. One serene and noble – the other not so much. That short trip reminded me why I birded and why it was worth early hours: bronze-winged jacanas, the depicted stork, grey herons, Indian moorhens, and so much more.

Note: from Thursday onwards my posts will be scheduled, as I will be away on a school trip.