Life Among Dinosaurs


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The Long and Winding Road


I’m usually immensely uncomfortable photographing people, usually because I feel overly self-conscious. From the back, however, the problem disappears – no figure is visible, no face to identify with, and instead I can focus on composing the image properly, though usually not well. This coffee plantation worker was heading home after a long day in Coorg, Karantaka.

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Past Hands


A man cleans out his vendor for the last time at Ghimo Market, on the day of its closure a few months back for renovations. When it reopens, many of the familiar faces will have disappeared due to the expiration of their contracts.



Ghim Moh market is a familiar name for food lovers in Singapore. But it is on their lips (and in their bellies) no longer: in May this year, it closed for scheduled renovations… due to open again in 2016. The timing of renovations also coincided with the expiry of the lease for many stands there. This man coming to clear our table may as well have been clearing it for the last time.