Night Lights

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It is the full moon, and the clouds glide past overhead, buoyed by winter breeze. Continue reading “Night Lights”

Revelations of the Night

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We are stumbling down the path, following a circle of flashlit ground; then we stop, and the light goes off, and we stand still in darkness, breathing in the silence, the cool air, the feeling of forest around. Continue reading “Revelations of the Night”

Secret Stars


I was about to delete this image from my night photography venture at Coorg when I took a closer look and realized it held some secrets of its own. Can you spot them?

Note: this post is scheduled.

Exposed Sunset


I’ve been experimenting a bit with long exposures lately. This is one of the results. The biggest problem I face is, lacking an ND filter (and remote), my exposures are limited to 30 seconds – and I need to make sure nothing is overexposed. But I loved the pink clouds that day so I decided to give it a go.

Note: this post is scheduled.

Center of the Moon


The other night the wind was quick and the sky full of clouds, so I did a bit of an experiment with a long exposure and the moon. Not possessing a neural density filter, evening time (at somewhat respectable hours) is the only time I can do long exposures at if my pictures aren’t meant to turn out all white. Even so, striking the right balance between exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture was quite the challenge, with raising the shutter speed (through exposure compensation) producng only a white blob for a moon (which was not what I wanted), surrounded by smoky, blurred clouds (which was what I wanted). Going the complete other direction, with a low shutter speed, merely ended up with a black sky and a lone white dot indicating our grey satellite. Couple that with the fact the edges of trees kept intruding on the photograph, and impending clear skies which would destroy the premise of the photograph all together, and you have quite a conundrum, for which I present what was, in the end, my best compromise. What do you think of the result of this test? Any suggestions? Tell me in the comments!

Belted Trees


Orion’s belt is my favorite constellation, mainly due to the fact it’s the only one I can actually identify. In Coorg, it was framed perfectly between the leaves of the trees, while a streetlamp in the corner of the image put stars a thousand miles away in the spotlight.