Gaur Among Tea


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Journal Journeys: Solitude of the Ghats

In Valparai this summer, I went for several walks in the surrounding coffee plantations – in the solitude, there was a quiescence such that I had not known before; it felt wild in a way you cannot find in Singapore, even despite the manicured coffee plants.

One encounter with a Nilgiri langur, one of the Western Ghats endemics in the region, stood out to me.

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Raganathittu Bird Sanctuary is famous not only for its multitude of water fowl – but also for its bats. It has a huge population of flying foxes, Dracula-esque beasts that fly around eerily in the sky but are really just red fluffy adorable things. (I LIKE BATS, OK.)

Three Lines, Three Photographs, Three Days: Band of the Banded

For today – the last day of the challenge – I was planning on a portrait I had taken during the summer. When I skimmed some old photographs, however, I came across this one, and found it fitted the theme better than the other two, at least. 😛

Banded mongooses, the creatively named Mungos mungo, are the most commonly found mongoose on the Masai Mara. Their groups average around 20 but can be up to 70 in number. In the photograph below, it was evening, and after a long day’s foraging, this band of three (pun intended) were returning to their den. For more information on banded mongooses, I highly recommend checking out, an ongoing research project by the University of Exeter on their fascinating behavioral tendencies and social quirks.


I would like to note that for this challenge, black and white was not mandatory: it merely happened so that all my photographs turned out that way!

Journal Journeys: The Rock Hyrax

Here’s the second installment of Journal Journeys, in which I meet a weird, weird creature.

Thursday, 17th of July, 2014

“It is a surprise: seemingly it pops out of nowhere, and there is no chance I would have spotted it on my own. Its nose is stout, and body furry and plump; it appears a cross between a furry pig and a very strange mouse. And it is sprawled on a bare, sunny rock, revelling in the light, in full view for any tourist that deigns to look down instead of forward.”