Night Lights

It is the full moon, and the clouds glide past overhead, buoyed by winter breeze.

And So The River Rushes

and so the river rushes and so the dark descends and so each breathless eternity is hummed into the next. one by one by tumbling one. and so the moments f a l l. This image is really one from the archives, dating back all the way to last October's trip to Kullu, in Himachal… Continue reading And So The River Rushes

Exposed Sunset

I've been experimenting a bit with long exposures lately. This is one of the results. The biggest problem I face is, lacking an ND filter (and remote), my exposures are limited to 30 seconds - and I need to make sure nothing is overexposed. But I loved the pink clouds that day so I decided… Continue reading Exposed Sunset

Center of the Moon

The other night the wind was quick and the sky full of clouds, so I did a bit of an experiment with a long exposure and the moon. Not possessing a neural density filter, evening time (at somewhat respectable hours) is the only time I can do long exposures at if my pictures aren't meant… Continue reading Center of the Moon