Slovenian Stories: Gap Year, Week 34, Part 1

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, has all the cadence of a nursery rhyme. On the page theĀ jsĀ stutter the name into a confusion indecipherable by any foreigner at first glance. Continue reading “Slovenian Stories: Gap Year, Week 34, Part 1”


Backpacking Beginnings: Gap Year Week 33


It’s strange to say of a trip I’ve been looking forward to and planning for more than a year now, but I don’t want to go. I am worried, I am homesick, I am stressed, I am already counting the days back to London. Getting on the Eurostar, I feel like I’m just going through the motions. Show ticket, show passport. Sit down. Plug in earphones, click on the travel just-setting-off playlist I’ve been preparing for months now, only having listened to those songs over and over they now ring tinny. Continue reading “Backpacking Beginnings: Gap Year Week 33”