Andamans Again: Gap Year Week 25

This time when I landed in Port Blair, the crowds didn’t come as a surprise. I was prepared for the crush around the luggage belt, the humid chaos of the taxi stand, and knew to relish the distance as we left the city behind us, the paddy fields rolling out further and further. My room, open-windowed to green around, felt on the verge of tumbling into forest, and taking me with it. Continue reading “Andamans Again: Gap Year Week 25”

Roots – Black and White Challenge Day 1

So there’s a challenge going around Facebook right now – essentially, it’s posting five black and white photographs in five days. I was tagged by Preeth and decided that there was no point in just letting FB followers see my posts – I wanted to transfer it to my blog, too. Here’s my first image, taken at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve last Thursday.


The lighting was such that this image was already almost all black-and-white. All I had to desaturate was a small area of green that was hardly noticeable in the upper left corner. I love the interplay of the mangrove roots and leaves, and the sense of interconnectedness to it all. Mangrove forests are vital to an ecosystem’s continued health, especially in the tropical regions; and what makes this image all the more ironic is that in the background are the construction sites of Malaysia, where formerly more mangrove used to be.