On the Road: Gap Year Week 15

Barely a week had passed, and here I was again, escaping the city. We had left early that morning, loading bikes into the van and driving in a sleepy haze out, out, out. It was a familiar relief to leave Ho Chi Minh City and urban life behind again—emerging into green paddyfields, open skies.
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Mountain Worlds: Gap Year Week 6

This year my parents both had birthdays where they turned numbers it would not do to mention in polite conversation. Because they are my parents, and because this is my family, they decided the best way to celebrate would be to climb a mountain. Continue reading “Mountain Worlds: Gap Year Week 6”

Worlds Apart: Gap Year Week 4

I left Bangalore recently for the great unknown: central India. From Indore, a major city in Madhya Pradesh, my mother and I travelled into the interior, the monolithic tech campuses replaced by fields of soybean and lentils. This is true rural India, the likes of where my grandparents grew up and parents spend summers, and we were here because of family, which is to say—in Hindi—Parivaar. Continue reading “Worlds Apart: Gap Year Week 4”