For the Sound of Sunset


and so the light rises,

over bone-still hills;

a river fills vast silences

with the thin whistling

of time and time again,

the susurrating trees

becoming their own

somnolent witnesses.

About a month and a half ago, because I suck at updating, we went for a hike in the Himalayas.

It was – amazing, as one might expect. The mountains, the trees, the rivers, the sky, the everything. It’s so quiet there – just the sound of the water and the wind. For miles and miles there is not a single living soul. Just you, and your breathing.

This is an introductory photograph, if anything. I played with it quite a bit in Photoshop – just to see where I could take it.

More stories, poems, and photographs will be forthcoming over the next few months. 🙂


So here’s a fact: cameras are not the most portable of items. Especially mine, which weighs a good two kilograms when complemented with my long lens for bird photography. And therefore it is inconvenient, as much as I would like to, to carry it around with me everywhere.

Enter the smartphone, portable camera extraordinaire, whose photographs, while maybe not that great, are something, at least. With the help of a couple of manual camera apps and editors, I have braved the world of social media and forged my way into that most dreaded of places – Instagram.

It’s constaining and freeing at the same time, smartphone cameras. On one hand they pretty much die in low lighting, on the other hand that provides greater room for experimentation with adjusting exposure compensation, etc. Editing the photographs, too, often becomes much heavier than anything I do to my other photographs on this blog, and allows me to transform them beyond just a picture into what I’d like to imagine is art, however horrible.

I’ve put a collection of some of my photographs on Instagram below; if you’d like to see more do visit me (@crazynaturetype). What are your thoughts on smartphone photography? Let me know in the comments!