Monochrome Contemplation

Two students meditate at a kungfu school in Qufu, China.

Waders Dressed in White

Two Little Egrets and a lone Grey Heron stalk the shallow waters of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, just a few hundred meters from Malaysia.

Coup d’Oeil

Car-window glimpses – hints at something beyond the fingerprinted glass and constant humming of movement and silence in their endless dance, because you love like this – bittersweet heart-in-mouth. You cannot do anything else; no space forms for anything else in disappearing tarmac behind and knowledge of the gap between possibility and reality. In the… Continue reading Coup d’Oeil

Out of Frame, Out of Mind

While I wasn't planning on posting today, apparently it is World Photography Day, and what is a blog for if not to honor obscure days named in celebration of hobbies, often with even more obscure purpose. This is a (somewhat accidentally) experimental photograph - it is a fight between a drongo and a black kite,… Continue reading Out of Frame, Out of Mind

And So The River Rushes

and so the river rushes and so the dark descends and so each breathless eternity is hummed into the next. one by one by tumbling one. and so the moments f a l l. This image is really one from the archives, dating back all the way to last October's trip to Kullu, in Himachal… Continue reading And So The River Rushes

What You Leave Behind

These are the Anamalais - the Western Ghats, the cradle of Indian biodiversity, and essentially distilled beauty. I am at somewhat of a loss for words to describe them further - rest assured, you will get looks at the parts of this magnificent whole as the days and weeks roll on.

The Long and Winding Road

I'm usually immensely uncomfortable photographing people, usually because I feel overly self-conscious. From the back, however, the problem disappears - no figure is visible, no face to identify with, and instead I can focus on composing the image properly, though usually not well. This coffee plantation worker was heading home after a long day in… Continue reading The Long and Winding Road

The Stillness of Egrets

Despite an overabundance of them - well, everywhere - the grace of egrets cannot be denied. Their pure white forms, lithe bodies, and delicate feeding methods (as compared to those of say, a woodpecker) conspire to create a bird of - dare I say it? - beauty. At a recent visit to Sungei Buloh, this… Continue reading The Stillness of Egrets

Journal Journeys: Face of the Maasai

An excerpt from the journal of my cousin, Preetu (a fantastic writer who gives herself far less credit than she deserves*), about her experience in the Maasai village we visited in Africa to accompany rare evidence of my forays into portraiture. "I remember, as a child, opening up on of those massive geography encyclopaedia things.… Continue reading Journal Journeys: Face of the Maasai


No... I'm not done with Montserrat yet. This time, I present to you the big picture, quite literally: these are the hills home to the famed church, and if you squint you can see it, about in the center (the jumble of [straighter] lines than the rest). The scenery of Spain is just so absolutely… Continue reading Serrated