River Peaces


After a long break, a little bit of peace for your morning from the Irrawaddy. Continue reading “River Peaces”

Portrait of a Cockatoo

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Umbrella cockatoos come in screeching numbers, bright white forms streaking across the sky: angels blasting death metal. Continue reading “Portrait of a Cockatoo”

Hello Again

Flowerpot_Processed Logo.jpg

Apologies for the very, very long break in blogging: I spent the summer making stories and photographs, a pursuit often located far away from a decent internet connection.

There is so much I saw: a diamond-crusted morning in the mountains, clear and crisp enough to cut. Forest glades hidden among granite, alive with birdsong. The delicate unwinding of ferns into the sunlight. Carvings too intricate to have been made of anything other than human ingeunity. Lakes crystalline in sunset, each bird its own mirror image. Trees aflame with scarlet minivets, orange-and-black flickering blazes.

I can’t wait to share it all. Till then, enjoy this flowerpot abstracted into pure light by darkness.

Portrait of a Gaur


Indian gaurs are the largest bovine in the world. Listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, they are only surpassed in weight by rhinoceroses, hippopotami, elephants, and giraffes. Overhunting has threatened them through much of their south-east Asian range, however, notably in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In protected areas, they flourish – and can indeed coexist with humans, if not disturbed; this individual regularly fed some fifty meters from tea workers in the Western Ghats. It’s not a consistent trend, however – that same area records a death per year from gaurs not noticed in the dark by people wandering off the roadside.

Being able to observe them in their natural habitat is nevertheless a privilege – they hold a dignified air about them, a firmness in intent, and sometimes an almost-human confidence in their glinting eyes.

Abstractions from the Embers


A fire smoulders on a dark night in Bangalore, India.

we burn with unapologetic fury

against the dark, the dark,

the creeping creeping dark;

sing with unrestrained vigor

into the silence, the silence

the humming humming silence;

live with undimmed spark

for the light, the light

it grows and it grows and

it grows




Raganathittu Bird Sanctuary is famous not only for its multitude of water fowl – but also for its bats. It has a huge population of flying foxes, Dracula-esque beasts that fly around eerily in the sky but are really just red fluffy adorable things. (I LIKE BATS, OK.)



A Wire-tailed Swallow lands on a branch by a lake on my last birding excursion of 2015.