Spiders, for the large majority of the population, are right up there with snakes, rats, and other miscellaneous bugs; common reactions include the ever-popular scream, or, for creative ones, adding in get it away from me!, and, of course, eww. But the fact is that spiders are are amongst some of the most beautiful and diverse invertebrates. Some of my earliest experiences with them were in our school rainforest, where Golden Orb spiders built their webs smack-dab across the trail. This necessitated ‘spider-checks’ before every class – i.e., walking through the forest and figuring out where the webs were that day. On one memorable occasion, we spotted a huge one eating a gecko.

The spider I present above, spotted a few months ago at Sungei Buloh, was considerably smaller, though obviously an orb spider due to – you guessed it! – its web’s orb-like shape. Other than that, however, I am pleased to admit I haven’t the least clue about it. The world of arachnids is something I’ve always skirted around the edges of (though not, I hope, for reasons of fear) and I look forward to venturing further in.

Note: I will not be posting on this blog for the next week, as I will be… well, once I return, all shall be revealed. 🙂 Let’s just keep it at I am very, very excited.