MacRitchie, Raj, and the CRL

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Returns, Possibilities, and Fourth-Graders: Gap Year Week 21

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Return to Venus: Gap Year Week 13

I let out a little gasp of breath every time we step into the forest at Venus Loop. A few meters in, the cool air washes in over you—a sharp contrast to the concrete path leading to the entrance, where it’s generally late enough in the morning that the Singapore sun has emerged with a force to drive any sane residents into air conditioning. But just inside the forest is green light, dark and dappled and promising. Continue reading “Return to Venus: Gap Year Week 13”

Portrait of a Cockatoo

tanimbar corella_logo.jpg

Umbrella cockatoos come in screeching numbers, bright white forms streaking across the sky: angels blasting death metal. Continue reading “Portrait of a Cockatoo”

A List of Some Facts

Here are some facts. Today I am angry. I share this sentiment with many around the world. It is not a new anger. It has been festering for a long time.

Here is another fact. Today the United States has elected someone who believes climate change cannot exist because if it does it will negatively impact businesses.

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