Seven Days, Seven Photographs: Of the Fallen


For Day 3 of the seven day nature photography challenge, a fallen tree.

Singapore’s canal system is quite astounding. For a country you can drive across in an hour – probably less, without traffic – it has thousands of miles of waterways, drains, coverts. They provide little oases when crossing an overpass, driving past a bridge, lined with green – not entirely native green, to be sure, but a green softer and easier on the eyes than the harsh grey that might have replaced it.

Some times one sees a lone Little Egret dancing across the surface; other times I’ve spotted an Oriental Pied Hornbill gliding across a rain tree on its edge. I stopped the day I took this photograph because the size of the fallen tree struck me and the contrast it struck with the concreted water: it was huge, and yet it had tumbled. There was probably an existential message teased somewhere in there, I felt, but I couldn’t puzzle it out because at that moment a collared kingfisher flew past.

Clad in dapper blue-and-white, it perched on a white drain by the water’s edge. Its raucous calls rang loud and clear, even with the cars passing on either side, and for a moment one could forget the road altogether.

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