Seven Days, Seven Photographs

On Facebook, Nilesh Jasani nominated me for the seven-day long nature photography challenge, where one posts one photograph every day for, predictably, seven days.

Considering that one may only look back at seven posts on this blog to find seven nature photographs, and that honestly the challenge would do nothing more than compress my next seven posts – otherwise spread over the next two to three weeks – to a single week, I’ve decided to do something a bit different.

I started an Instagram account a year back, and while, to be frank, updating of the account has been inconsistent, still my phone has been accumulating photographs steadily (enough so that I am notified regularly that space is nearly out). And so over the next week I’m going to show the natural world through my smartphone lens rather than a DSLR’s.


This is one of the first photographs I took with a smartphone. It’s a Common Mormon – a butterfly, if it’s not obvious – that I found trapped in the web of a spider, already dead. The morbidity of the scene struck me, as did the contrast between the metaphors – the corpse of a butterfly, that symbol of halcyon freedom. Using the phone allowed me an intimacy with the subject that a DSLR would have lost.

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