Wildflower Wednesdays: Forget Me the Flowers

Alpine Forget Me Nots.jpg

Ne m’oubilez pas?

Alpine forget-me-nots have a name that originates in French, are heavily rooted in European literature, and also happen to be the state flower of Alaska. (Go figure.) But these were spotted in the very Asian Himalayas of Kashmir – not, then, a very rare flower, as I had hypothesized at the time. Still lovely, however – their blue leaves leave an indelible mark on the mind.

The story goes that centuries ago, a knight and his lady were strolling along a river – with the knight in full armor, of course, as one does on dates. He bent to pick a bouquet of flowers for the woman, but in the process his clothing choices got the better of him and he fell into the river. As he drowned, in his final breaths he threw the bouquet to his loved one, begging her to “forget me not!”

Tragically sappy love stories. Well, what more can you expect when you combine the French and flowers?

2 thoughts on “Wildflower Wednesdays: Forget Me the Flowers”

  1. Although they are not the alpine variety, I took some photos about an hour ago of some Forget-me-nots that we have in our garden. I love them, very cheerful and pretty little flowers.

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