Through the Fields


In honor of the Monday looming upon us, here is a dog running through the fields, away from its problems (namely, the photographer pointing a scarily large lens at it for documentation purposes only), as no doubt all of us feel like/will feel like doing tomorrow morning.

We encountered this lil’ fellow while chasing what actually was a kestrel and, not, like my last post, a peregrine falcon. This was, however, still in Spain, though no longer in the mountains and rather hugging the beautiful, beautiful coastline. (Costa Brava, anyone?) So many raptors. Seriously, we saw at least twenty every hour, and the most unfortunate thing was that you cannot, in fact, stop your car in the middle of the highway because oh my god that eagle is suspiciously large and is that gold I see on its wings? (Even more unfortunately is that that isn’t a thing that actually happened. Even though the possibility you saw a golden eagle is much better than not seeing any feather of one at all, which is what happened to me.)

Ah, such problems. But nothing, really, like a Monday.

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