One More Sound for One More Lovely Thing


I think I am in love with the mountains, in all their forms – the breathless immediacy of Himalayan forests, the desolate rocky crags of the Great Rift Valley, the blushing greenery of Japanese hills, and now the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees. It is hard to explain what it is about them. The snaking tendrils of snow, or the contrast between the white and the dark, or the green fields, the bite of cold, the footsteps of the animals before you, the picturesque villages, bare trees – it is hard not to love it.

(The unbelievable amounts of raptors, from kestrels to booted eagles, inhabiting their peaks don’t hurt either.)

7 thoughts on “One More Sound for One More Lovely Thing”

    1. Lammergeier, peregrine falcons, griffon vultures… Not to mention numerous unidentified. One car ride there were so many we lost count – seriously, the sheer numbers there are unparalleled to anywhere else I’ve been in the world.

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  1. Such a beautiful description and a breathtaking picture. So badly want to go there now! Seems like a place you want to be in forever! 🙂

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