Singapore, very old tree

The few of you who deign to read this blog with any kind of regularity may remember my posts on the banyan tree. And how I was contacted by a group of people working on the history Singapore trees about it. And how I met them and climbed some roots, took some photographs, and shouted at the sun.

Well, they’ve finished the project now. And I’m delighted to say the exhibition of all those photographs is up. We went last Sunday and… woah. 10th floor of the National Library, Singapore. You can’t miss it.

The artist-photographer, Robert Zhao Renhui, has taken/made some beautiful black-and-white photographs, which have then be hand-colored in the fashion of old Singapore postcards. The results are stunning. Take a look at their Facebook page for more. I’ve highlighted a selection before. Visit and see if you can find the stories behind them.

And… yours truly, at the exhbition itself.

If you’re in Singapore, do check it out – it’s a beautifully curated exhibition well worth the visit.

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