Over the past week, I’ve had the chance to experience something out of my reach for the past four-odd years. It was not seeing a rare bird (unfortunately). Neither was it a sighting of a tiger (extremely unfortunately). It was, ladies and gentlemen… winter, and, accompanied with it, snow.

The snow itself was brief, and is shown (if you can spot it!) in the above image. But the actual experience of going birding somewhere where you weren’t drowning in sweat after fifteen minutes was so liberating. While I learned from experiences in China and brought gloves when photographing outside, the experience of being huddled on a bench, watching the robins (robins. robins.) with bated breath was unforgettable (not only for the fact I almost got frostbite).

Winter is a rare commodity in tropical Singapore, as you may deduce. The fact I had to travel thousands of miles to experience its existence is only slightly sad.

But winter was only one component of the past week, which has been an emotional rollercoast of birds, of breathtaking landscapes, of absolutely spectacular buildings – you guessed it (or probably didn’t; either works): I was in Spain. The photo above was taken in the Pyrenees, just a kilomter away from France. (Oh, yeah. I can walk to France. No problemo.)

Look forward to more in days following, because I’m so excited to be sharing it with you all!

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