Eagle of the Estates


Recently the Singapore birding community had a series of heart attacks when a migrant Crested Serpent Eagle arrived in the Japanese Gardens. I, at the time, was not present to see it – I was in the coffee estates of Coorg, a district in Karnataka. From afar, I thumbed my nose at them: here, these majestic eagles were the most common raptor in the area (other than, of course, the ubiquitious Black Kite), and a common sight from the balcony of the villa we were staying in.

My mother spotted this particular raptor during a drive through the estates. At first we were content just observing, but then it started screaming.


That’s not an understatement. It literally started screaming. Who, or what, it was calling to, none of us had any idea. Perhaps a mate. Or more likely it was simply proclaiming its presence to the Western Ghats, and unwary tourists: yes, I am here, the mighty serpent eagle. Fear me.

Then, in a dramatic flash of wings worthy of any Marvel superhero, it flew away.


Who says birds don’t have style? 😛

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