Pic of the Day

The greatest collection of wildlife photographs of all time. What would say it was? Instagram, #animal? A Facebook birding group? WordPress, #nature?

The answer is none and all: in short, it is National Geographic’s Great Nature Project.

Aimed at promoting biodiversity and the love of nature across the world, all you need to do to participate is to upload a photograph of nature to a social media site and tag it #greatnature – summed up in its tagline of ‘See It, Snap It, Upload It’. With over 350,000 photographs of things ranging from black rhinos to insects the size of a fingernail, they broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Online Album of Animal Photographs easily. I’ve been participating in it for a while now through Project Noah, a sort of social media for wildlife, and its associated mission, and yesterday got a comment on one of my spottings announcing that it would be featured as the Great Nature Project’s Pic of the Day on some as yet undetermined future date.

The Pic of the Day is selected from the thousands of images uploaded daily and is summarized simply by, ‘We love this shot!’ It might be the brilliant throat of a fiery-throated hummingbird and it might be a caterpillar spotted in someone’s backyard. Apparently, yesterday, what they loved was the star of a recent post: the Spotted Hyena.

I’m so honored at this opportunity to participate in what is, quite simply, one of the most ambitious and successful programs out there to get people out into nature and appreciating the beauty around them. Thank you so much, National Geographic.

2 thoughts on “Pic of the Day”

  1. Oh my god, congratulations! THIS IS SO EXCITING. AHHHHHHHHHH. 😀 (Also: 100 followers?! So many awesome things happening over here!)


  2. […] On the photography front, I would like to say I have gained a greater understanding of a) how and when to use my camera and b) how and when not to use my camera this year. Maybe it paid off. I won a Consolation Prize in the NParks Trees for Life competition, and also received third place in an intra-school photograph competition, for a photograph I featured earlier on one of my Journal Journeys posts. (I haven’t mentioned this earlier on my blog, actually. So yay?) In addition, my photograph of Karambe, the largest black rhinoceros on the Masai Mara, received Spotting of the Day on Project Noah. My photograph of a yawning African Spotted Hyena was selected as Pic of the Day on National Geographic’s Great Nature Project. […]


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