Monitor lizards are not dangerous, the logical side of me argued. They have nothing with which to attack with (ignore its tail, ignore its tail) and malevolent grins are not grounds for panic.

The illogical side of me decided the logical side had held sway for too long and booted it out of the forefront of my mind. Run! it screamed. Run for your life in the other direction! There’s a huge lizard smack dab in the middle of the trail; obviously it’s out to get you!

But the problem was running for my life in the other direction would only hinder matters. We had just finished a one and a half hour walk along Sungei Buloh’s looping path. Did we really want to go all the way back?

The logical side of me gained sway for moment enough to shout, No!

The monitor in question was a beast of an individual, at least two meters long. It occupied the very center of the path and seemed in no position to move an inch. Earlier we had encountered other monitors, but these were fairly cowardly creatures that only gave us a fright when we heard the sudden rustling and soft splash when they slipped away into the water from where they had been sitting, just out of sight. This one, however, held a distinct aura of superiority to it; lowly humans, it seemed to say, who can’t even sunbathe properly. Hmph. Get out of my way.

But we couldn’t get out of its way. The worst part is we could see the exist, right behind it.

Just walk past it calmly, logic argued. It won’t move a muscle.

I decided to see what results this woud produce and inched slightly past it. Was it me or had its eyeballs shifted slightly to look at me? Another careful shuffle. Yup, its eye had moved.

I imagined the sudden blur of movement as it spun around and attacked and –

Before Illogical Thoughts could get any further in its campaign for precedence in my mind, I hurriedly walk-jogged the rest of the way, only breathing a sigh of relief when I was all the way past it.

Monitor lizards are not dangerous.

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