Journal Journeys: Standing

As I mentioned in my last post, our jeep got stuck in the mud and we had to get towed out: this meant that we likely missed seeing a cheetah and an entirely different side of the Masai Mara. On the other hand, it also meant we had the chance to destroy quite a few pairs of shoes in some really gloopy mud that seemed to have been created for the express purpose of sucking up objects never to be seen again, like the Creature from the Black Lagoon– and also, you know, gaze in awe and wonder at the beauty of the savannah. And it also meant that we had to rush back to camp without actually seeing much. But that was amazing, too. Pretty much everything involving the words Masai and Mara together are amazing.

Saturday, 20th of July, 2014

“The wind is cool and presses my shirt to my chest, my hair to my head, my eyes to the landscape, and my heart to the Mara. To my right are storm clouds: grey beasts striding across gently undulating plains, occasionally white lightning cracks through them for a jagged, perfect second. To my left is the sunset. Though hidden behind wispy clouds, the lone acacias that dot the landscape still glow golden. Our jeep, tumbling over the trail at breakneck pace, scares off wildebeest–they gallop madly out of our way, manes and tails swinging, and the adrenaline that fills me as they do is exhilarating. Perhaps I’ve lost some feeling in my numb hand that’s gripping the railing, and perhaps ripe drops of rain are falling sporadically on my face, and perhaps the clouds promise more, but I am standing in a jeep, watching the wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles against the sunset, in the middle of the Masai Mara, and there is no other word for it than ‘spectacular’.”

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