Journal Journeys: Dust Storm

The Masai Mara: the image that comes are of cloudless skies; of jeeps against bright landscapes, of bright colors and brighter birds… But the reality is, it rains about every two days. And there’s dust. Lots of dust. Horrible for hair, but when you’re seeing such amazing sights, who cares, really? One day we were fortunate enough to see a dust storm and the storm clouds rolling in. Well, fortunate depending on where you’re standing. After we had a chance to appreciate the stark beauty of it all, we went rolling off into a different section of the Mara, only for our jeep to get stuck in mud. We had to get out, and the other jeep had to literally pull us out. (Then again– how many people can say they stood on the ground of the Masai Mara National Reserve?) Needless to say, there wasn’t much time to do much after that, and we had to drive as fast as possible to reach our camp before Closing Time. Which was amazing. But that’s for another Journey…

Sunday, 20th of July, 2014

“It is a great brown beast that glides across the distant palns: though shapeless, it has a head that is raised high while the houses and groves of acacia trees below it are consumed in its dun mass. It is shielded by a thick grey sheet of strom clouds and veiled in indistinct, distant rain. The wildbeest watch it: without fear, without hope, without feeling.”

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