Journal Journeys: The White Rhinoceros (Guest Post)

Another post from my dear brother Neel, detailing our encounter with a white rhinoceros. White rhinceroses are the most numerous rhinoceros species on earth: to give you an idea of what rhinos worldwide are facing– they’re listed as near threatened with steadily dropping populations. They are, also, however, determined to fight for their worth, and if jeeps don’t move when they want to cross the road… well, those tourists are doomed. Just sayin’.

Thursday, 17th of July, 2014

“Our car headed in the direction towards the huge Lake Nakuru. Our driver, Mwok, had told us if we saw something in the distance, which looked like a buffalo, it was always good to check if it was a rhino. I kept that in mind as we drove down the mud track road.

Even though we had just seen a wonderful leopard I still had that feeling that we would see something good soon. I rubbed my palms together in excitement. I looked around in the car. Everyone had that excited look on their faces.

Our car kept on driving closer and closer to the lake. Suddenly, Mwok took out his binoculars. He looked in one direction and then started off that way. I reared up onto my seat.

This safari was only getting better and better. A few vehicles had stopped. And bang in front of us was the rare white rhinoceros. I started thinking it was a black, but Sarath said it wasn’t.


The rhino walked onto the road. This was good because we could compare its size with other cars stopped in front of us. The rhino stepped onto the road and it was literally has huge as the car. The rhino had two horns, one as big as a television. This safari had turned from a bad safari, to a good safari, to an amazing safari. Sarath said this was an amazing rhino. And it truly was in my opinion.”

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