Journal Journeys: The Giraffes of the City

Thus begins my series, ‘Journal Journeysl’. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be publishing exactly that, with accompanying pictures when possible.

Wednesday, 16th of July, 2014

“It doesn’t fit the conventional image: Nairobi National Park seems almost a wasteland, though the coarse. thorny bushes that carpet the landscape push the boundaries of the definition. Here and there, a giant acacia spreads leafy arms over the ground.

“I’d like to see a giraffe,” my aunt says reflectively: all our heads are filled with dreams of the trip ahead.

Just then, someone lets out a cry and points. We all crowd to the window, and there, outlined against the departing planes of the distant airport, are three impossibly long necks. The silhouettes are instantly recognizable and our mouths drop open a little. Another bus buzzes by just then, and, watching the bored people with their cheeks pressed to the window, looking the other direction, I pity them: can they not see, that they are really, truly, in Africa?”

Can you spot the giraffe? (Hint: Center.)


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