Meet Alex

Apparently, I’m in good company, when it comes to nature-crazy photographer-kids.

On my birding trip in New York, I had the good fortune to meet Alexander Viteralli– fellow birder, fellow photographer, different continent. He posts photographs of birds from Central Park and other places on his website: His photographs are beautiful, and I highly encourage you to check them out.

A White-throated sparrow.
A White-throated sparrow.

Over email, I asked him a few questions about him and his photography.

Tanvi: What got you into birding and photography?

Alex: I was introduced to photography during the winter of 2013, when I went to Central Park to take pictures of ducks, and then introduced to birding the summer of 2014, when I stumbled upon a birder and struck up conversation.

Tanvi: What equipment do you use?

Alex: I shoot with a Cannon Rebel T1i and a 250mm zoom lens.

Tanvi: What do you consider your best photograph?

Alex: -1

(Tanvi: I think the photograph speaks foritself– don’t you?)

Tanvi: List five places in the world you’d like to go, specifically for their natural treasures.

Alex: Red Wood National and State Park, Yellowstone National Park, Bathurst Island, Madagascar, and Hog Island .

Tanvi: Why do you love nature? (Or, if not, then why the heck do you waste so much time in a forest?)

Alex: I love nature because of my grandfather, who taught me most of what I know.

Tanvi: What has been your favorite spotting of anything in nature?

Alex: My favorite spotting was when I happened upon 10 white tailed deer in the forest.


Tanvi: Is there a message you want to spread through your photographs? What?

Alex: My message is that nature is wild. Whether I do that successfully or not is up to the public.

Tanvi: Do you think there is a lack of connectivity in today’s youth with nature? If so, what do you think should be done about it?

Alex: Yes, there is. Today’s youth spends too much time watching pointless videos and worrying about things that wouldn’t matter in a year. If they really cared, there would be a lot less drama in school and everywhere. I think to fix the problem, parents should get in control of the youth.

Tanvi: If you could see one bird in the whole world– and just one– in the wild, for as long as possible, what would it be? (Essentially, what’s your favorite bird?)

Alex: That’s hard. Either a Wilson Warbler or a Blackburnian Warbler.

Tanvi: Are there any specific environmental issues you’re passionate about? Why?

Alex: The clearing of forests in America is a big issue. Birds mostly go extinct because of habitat loss: one example is the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.

Alex may be doing a few guest posts soon so watch out for that! In other news, don’t expect any posts from me (except for Sunday’s CTI) for the next week because (drum roll please…) I’ll be in Kenya! Excited out of my mind over the trip and I can’t wait to share my experiences when I get back.

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