Crazy Tiny Insects: One Crazy Challenge

Lavanya from My Nature Experiences and I have been emailing lately. And the result is not pretty.

If you’re afraid of bugs, leave now, and run away as far as you can. Fast.

Because we’ve decided, weekly, to do a feature on one bug. The only condition? It has to be smaller than 5 cm.

We are going tiny. Too much attention, we decided, has been paid to big, flashy butterflies, large, fluttering birds: majestic eagles are no more. So each Sunday, dear readers, we shall give you a full helping of buggy bonanza. 5 cm small.

And so with that, I present to you our first feature: the Common Wasp Moth (Eressa angustipenna).


Belonging to a family appropriately named ‘tiger moths’, they are a common sight in Singapore; looking in a field, resting on a grass blade, I’ve seen them everywhere. However, here in India, I’ve seen more of them than all times previously put together, because for some inexplicable reason, they love sitting on the glass. I was fortunate enough to capture this mating pair.

While disguised as a wasp as a clever technique of mimicry so as to deter predators, they’re as moth-y as anything can get. Their polka dotted wings and bright bodies make them easily distinguishable; they seem about to burst into tango any moment!

Have you seen this moth before? Are there any other crazy tiny insects you want featured? Comment and tell us!

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